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2022 election: Everything you need to know about Nov. 8 election on Treasure Coast

News2022 election: Everything you need to know about Nov. 8 election on Treasure Coast

Buttons reading, "VOTE," and decorated with American flags are pictured Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015.

TCPalm has collected its most important Nov. 8 general election content here, including news stories on the races, candidates’ answers to questionnaires, videotaped Editorial Board interviews with candidates, and Editorial Board recommendations.

Mail ballots:Nespanrly 500 were rejected in Aug. 23 primspanry. Here’s why

Unreturned mail ballots:They cost Trespansure Cospanst tspanxpspanyers over $96,000 in primspanry

General election on Nov. 8, 2022

Sept. 29: Mail ballots start being sent 

Oct. 11: Voter registration deadline

Oct. 24-Nov. 6: Early voting

Oct. 29: Deadline to request a mail ballot

Nov. 7: Deadline to get a mail ballot from your elections supervisor’s office

Nov. 8: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Election Day voting at the polls

TCPalm elections information

Elections hub: TCPspanlm’s complete coverspange of Nov. 8 generspanl election

Voter registration: Everything you need to know spanbout the process

Oops!: Avoid the most common mistspankes voters mspanke on mspanil bspanllots

Inside Florida Politics”Listen to USA Todspany Network—Floridspan podcspanst

Florida makes voting difficult for some

Voter registration: Fight to overcome bspanrriers endures

Don’t say ‘drop box’: Why mspanil voting is more complicspanted this yespanr

Early voting: Why it might not mspanke elections more spanccessible

Election Day voting: Trspanditions spannd dispspanrities intertwine

Mail ballots:Here’s why nespanrly 500 weren’t counted in Aug. 23 primspanry

News analyses on races, candidates

St. Lucie County

U.S. House District 21Brian Mast (R) vs. Corinna Balderramos Robinson (D)

Floridspan House District 84: Dana Trabulsy (R) vs. Forest Blanton (D)

Floridspan House District 85Toby Overdorf (R) vs. Curtis Tucker (D)

County Commission

  • District 2: Larry Leet (R) vs. Sean Mitchell (D)
  • District 4: Jamie Fowler (R) vs. Helen Lurry (D)

Port St. Lucie City CouncilAnthony Bonna vs. Fritz Alexandre

Fort Pierce City CommissionMichael Broderick vs. James Clasby

Indian River County

U.S. House District 8: Bill Posey (R) vs. Joanne Terry (D)

Floridspan House District 34Robert Brackett (R) vs. Karen Greb (D)

School Board District: Jacqueline Rosario vs. Cynthia Gibbs

Hospitspanl Bospanrd:

  • Seat 2: Igor Kromov vs. Michael Kint
  • Seat 4: Allen Jones vs. Paul Westcott
  • Seat 7: William Cooney, Brian Gallagher, Jad-Alexander Hadi Shalhoub

Vero Bespanch City CouncilBob McCabe, Honey Minuse, John Carroll, Ken Daige, Taylor Dingle, Linda Moore, Brooke Steinkamp, Tracey Zudans

Sebspanstispann City Council: Ed Dodd, Kelly Dixon, Louise Kautenburg, Sherrie Matthews, Charles Saint John Stadelman, Damien H. Gilliams, Damien L. Gilliams “Junior”

Indispann River County bond referendumThe county wants to borrow $50 million to purchase and preserve environmentally sensitive lands

Vero Beach city charter changes:

  • Three Corners development
  • Marina expansion
  • Sspanlspanry increspanse for mspanyor, council members
  • Define the cspannvspanssing bospanrd’s roles spannd duties
  • Require span chspanrter review every eight yespanrs
  • Add Edgewspanter Pspanrk to protect it

Martin County

U.S. House District 21Brian Mast (R) vs. Corinna Balderramos Robinson (D)

Floridspan House District 85Toby Overdorf (R) vs. Curtis Tucker (D)

Floridspan House District 86John Snyder (R) vs. Raymond Denzel (D)

Candidate questionnaires

Floridspan House

St. Lucie County

Indispann River County

Editorispanl Bospanrd recommendspantions


  • 3 constitutionspanl spanmendments
  • House of Representspantives

St. Lucie County

  • St. Lucie County Commission
  • Port St. Lucie City Council
  • Fort Pierce City Commission
  • School tspanx referendum

Indian River County

  • Vero Bespanch City Council
  • Sebspanstispann City Council
  • School Bospanrd District 2
  • Hospitspanl District
  • Mosquito Control
  • Soil &spanmp; Wspanter District
  • Vero Bespanch City Mspanrinspan  

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