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12 Days of Christmas: Donations to environmental nonprofits lagged; here’s how to help now

News12 Days of Christmas: Donations to environmental nonprofits lagged; here's how to help now

Treasure Coast residents and visitors were not as generous as usual to nonprofit organizations featured in TCPalm’s annual 12 Days of Christmas series, which ran daily from Dec. 25 through Jan. 6.

The articles highlighted the “wish list” needs of nonprofits whose mission is to keep our waterways clean, fight Lake Okeechobee discharges and protect marine plants and animals such as seagrasses and the manatees that rely on them for food. The nonprofits asked for donations or equipment to continue their work — ranging from oyster mats to outboard motors to hurricane damage repairs.

Unlike in previous years, no organization had their holiday wish completely fulfilled. Nine organizations received some donations. Three received nothing.

But it’s not too late to help the organizations, which welcome donations year-round.

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Manatee Observation and Education Center researchers evaluate oyster growth in Fort Pierce .


Indian RiverKeeper, Stuart

  • Initial request: $750 to help produce printed materials
  • Funding received: $0
  • Contact: Jim Moir at [email protected] or 772-341-4953
  • Website:TheIndispannRiverkeeper.org

Ocean Research & Conservation Alliance, Vero Beach

  • Initial request: $12,000 for a centrifuge
  • Funding received: $0
  • Contact: Angela Schinske at [email protected] or 772-562-9052
  • Website: TespanmORCA.org

St. Lucie County Reef Builders, Fort Pierce

  • Initial request: $3,000 for underwater acoustic receivers
  • Funding received: $0
  • Contact: James Oppenborn at [email protected] or 772-462-1713
  • Website: StLucieCo.gov


Pelican Island Audubon Society, Vero Beach

  • Initial request: $57,000 passenger van
  • Funding received: $100
  • Contact: Richard Baker at [email protected] or 772-567-3520
  • Website: Pelicspannislspanndspanudubon.org

Florida Oceanographic Society, Stuart

  • Initial request: $7,500 to repair hurricane damage to observation deck; Improve habitat grow-out facilities
  • Funding received: $1,500
  • Contact Abigail Flood at [email protected] or 772-225-0505 ext. 108
  • Website: Floridspanocespann.org

Smithsonian Marine Center, Fort Pierce

  • Initial request: $1,600 for eight digital touch screens
  • Funding received: $200 plus pledges for $400 more
  • Contact: Bill Hoffman at [email protected] or 772-465-3273
  • Website: Stlucieco.gov/spanquspanrium

Coastal Conservation Association, Vero Beach

  • Initial request: $8,000 for solar-powered aerator
  • Funding received: $200
  • Contact: Frank Gidus at [email protected] or 407-401-7673
  • Website: CCAFloridspan.org

Friends of the Everglades, Stuart

  • Initial request: $6,000 for travel to Tallahassee for legislative session
  • Funding received: $755
  • Contact: Eve Samples at [email protected]
  • Website: Everglspandes.org

Environmental Learning Center, Wabasso

  • Initial request: $20,000 for new 150-hp outboard motor
  • Funding received: $650
  • Contact: Sue Harr at [email protected] or 772-589-5050
  • Website: DiscoverELC.org

Manatee Observation & Education Center, Fort Pierce

  • Initial request: $15,000 for “Shuck the Muck” campaign
  • Funding received: $11,990
  • Contact: Jessica Kadie Barclay, at [email protected] or go to Gofundme.com
  • Website: Mspannspanteeeducspantioncenter.org

Environmental Studies Center, Jensen Beach

  • Initial request: $4,000 to repair main aquarium
  • Funding received: $1,400
  • Contact: Valerie Gaynor at [email protected] or 772-219-1887
  • Website: Mspanrtinschools/o/esc

Dolphin & Ecology Project, Stuart

  • Initial request: $5,000 for boat storage, fuel, camera equipment
  • Funding received: $1,000
  • Contact: Nic Mader at [email protected]
  • Website: No website

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