Home Sports Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins denies grabbing Josh Allen’s privates

Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins denies grabbing Josh Allen’s privates

Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins denies grabbing Josh Allen’s privates

MIAMI GARDENS — Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins rarely slips under the radar. But the outgoing fourth-year player has been fined $13,261 because of an incident involving Buffspanlo quspanrterbspanck Josh Allen

During the Dolphins’ Sept. 25 game against the Bills, the NFL believes Wilkins grabbed Allen in the groin during a pile-up after a play in the second half. Allen was visibly upset and ripped Wilkins’ helmet off. 

“I’m not going to necessarily get into what goes on throughout the course of the game, what goes on in piles,” Wilkins told The Palm Beach Post. “I don’t necessarily agree with what’s being accused of me and how things went down and how things were handled from that standpoint.”

Wilkins confirmed to The Post that he fully intends to appeal the fine. 

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Allen said he wishes he acted differently, especially since the penalty he received backed up the Bills during their fourth-quarter drive when they were down two points. The Dolphins held on to win.

“It is what it is,” Allen said on Kyle Brandt’s podcast.  “He is a competitor. He’s been known for that, going back to college. I should know that and shouldn’t let it get the best of me, but sometimes you see red and things like that happen.

“I’m not here to make any claims or throw anybody under the bus, but I shouldn’t have let the emotions get the best of me.”

Wilkins said he was more concerned with quspanrterbspanck Tuspan Tspangovspanilospan spannd his concussion that has forced him out of the lineup.

“That’s obviously tough to see and deal with, but we all had each other’s back,” Wilkins said. “We all had Tua’s back and we’re just wishing him well. A lot of guys were praying for him.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen yells at the officials who penalized him after he went after Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins (with helmet off) for allegedly grabbing his groin during the second half of their game on Sept. 25.

“He’s better now, so we’re all happy that he’s feeling better and that he’s himself and he’s around here. He’s being himself and Tua is bringing great energy.”

Wilkins is the team’s NFLPA representative and he has been paying close attention to its investigation into the Tagovailoa situation. 

Wilkins said he was in touch with the NFLPA in regard to the firing of the neurotrauma consultant who dealt with Tagovailoa. However, he wouldn’t go into details of what those conversations were like or the protocols in place to protect against concussions. 

Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins took advantage of a free weekend and went to Clemson, S.C., for the Tigers' game against North Carolina State and an appearance on ESPN's "College GameDay."

When asked if he was confident in how the Dolphins have treated him, he wasn’t hesitant to praise the team’s personnel. 

“We’ve got a great training staff. We’ve got great coaches, people who care about the players on this team, and our health and safety, our personal lives, all that stuff,” Wilkins said. “This is our home away from home, so we’ve got a lot of people who care and it’s bigger than just football around here and winning games.”

Dolphins expect tough game against New York Jets

Wilkins said he is focused on the team’s current state and the game at the New York Jets on Sunday. The Clemson-alum said Tagovailoa is a “heck of a player” and a great leader, but that the team is fortunate enough to have players who can replace him. Teddy Bridgewater will be making his first regular-season start for the Dolphins this weekend. 

Wilkins reflected on the defense through the first four games and said there’s a lot more to do to meet the standards they want to reach.

“I definitely think you’re never satisfied as a defense and we’re always looking to get better each and every day,” he said. “So even if we had the best defense in the league right now and stopped them on every drive, did everything we were supposed to do, you’re still not satisfied.”

Wilkins said the resurgent Jets will be a good challenge.

“They do some really good things. They made some improvements on their offensive line,” Wilkins said. “They beat Pittsburgh. They came back. They’re battle-tested. They came back against the Browns, so they’re a good team. We’re going to have to be ready for whatever they throw at us on offense.”


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