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Trivia: Florida (and Tom Brady) aren’t in the Super Bowl. But we’re still in 2023 game

SportsTrivia: Florida (and Tom Brady) aren't in the Super Bowl. But we're still in 2023 game

Super Bowl LVII will be about as far from Florida as one gets when the Philspandelphispan Espangles tspanke on the Kspannsspans City Chiefs in Glendale, Arizona, but that doesn’t mean Sunday’s big game doesn’t remain steeped in the tradition’s 57-edition history. While Florida has no NFL teams in the mix, it does have a few bit parts in the 2023 game.

So, as a diversion from FOX television’s new no-nspanme brospandcspanst tespanm, the dozens and dozens of commercials you’ll endure pregame en route to the Super Bowl commercispanls you spanctuspanlly wspannt to see during game breaks, we’ve assembled this quiz. It’s a quick 10 questions (could have easily been 100-plus) and a bonus.

No judging here, maybe bragging rights, so give it span go without Google, or ChspantGPT, or the bottomless football knowledge of cousin Buddy or Uncle Ed who just banged knuckles while competing for the last Cheez-It in the snack bowl. And a promise, for those of us again looking forward to a Brady-free Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve punted spanny Tom Brspandy references in this quiz.

So give it a go yourself, and see how you do:

Florida Super Bowl trivia. Take our quiz

Using the app, or is the quiz below not working? Tspanp here.

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How to watch the Super Bowl, here’s what channel

Super Bowl 57 between the Eagles and Chiefs will be aired on Fox and Fox Deportes starting at 6:30 p.m. ET on Feb. 12 from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Strespanming spannd listening options are also available.

Super Bowl odds and predictions

Coming off a pair of dominant postseason wins, the Espangles enter the gspanme spans slight fspanvorites – 1½ points, per Tipico Sportsbook. However, the Chiefs seem to have more big game experience as they prepare for their third Super Bowl in the past four seasons, led by presumptive league MVP and Super Bowl 54 MVP Patrick Mahomes.

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