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St. Lucie County School Board gives one-time bonuses to teachers, district employees

NewsSt. Lucie County School Board gives one-time bonuses to teachers, district employees

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Teachers and district support staff are getting one-time bonuses, the St. Lucie County School Board agreed.

What happened: The School Board approved the bonuses at its Tuesday night meeting as part of its consent agenda. Bonuses for teachers range from $225 for beginning teachers to $850 for veteran teachers with more than 15 years experience. Support staff and non-instructional teachers also will get one-time bonuses, which range from $150 to $300, depending on hourly wage. The district and school employee unions reached agreements for the one-time bonuses last month.

The first day of school, Monday, August 13, 2018, at Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie, a new K-8 school in Fort Pierce, part of St. Lucie Public Schools in St. Lucie County. "The first day is always an exciting day, the kids are excited to come back, their teachers are all excited, and we're just looking forward to another great year," said Wayne Gent, Superintendent of St. Lucie Public Schools.

Why it matters / Importance: The $2.8 million needed for the bonuses comes from the four-year 1-mil property tax voters first approved in 2019. The district, with approval from employee unions, is using the balance of the money earmarked for teacher recruitment to award one-time bonuses. Voters agreed in November to renew the 1-mil property tax to pay for teacher salaries, in addition to school security, mental-health services and educational programs. The new tax goes into effect in July.

Vote: The bonuses were approved unanimously as part of the consent agenda, with no discussion from the board.

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