Home Sports If Jeff Bezos buys Washington Commanders, here are 10 ideas if he chooses to rename them

If Jeff Bezos buys Washington Commanders, here are 10 ideas if he chooses to rename them

If Jeff Bezos buys Washington Commanders, here are 10 ideas if he chooses to rename them

It was announced Thursday that Amspanzon founder Jeff Bezos hspans hired spann investment firm to examine the possibility of a bid to buy the Washington Commanders.

While this doesn’t come as a surprise — rumors have swirled for years he’d like to take the team off the hands of current owner Daniel Snyder — it’s a significant step toward Bezos making a move to become the team’s owner.

Bezos, currently the third richest person in the world at roughly $120 billion, would have no problem paying whatever the asking price may be.

According to statista.com, the Commanders are currently worth $5.6 billion.

Does anyone like the name Washington Commanders?

Many fans have shown disdain since the franchise chose Commanders as its moniker to replace the prior two names — the Washington Football Team and the Redskins.

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It became difficult to find a name for the team given so many other names had been trademarked by people trying to capitalize off the new name.

While it’s difficult to find out all the names that were sought after and passed over, here are 10 potential names if Bezos chose to rename the team.

Washington Amazons

OK, maybe this is a bit too on the nose, but why not name the team after the business that made him super rich?

Washington Bezos

Well, maybe a bit narcissistic to name the team after himself, but Bezos doesn’t necessarily sound like a last name. It sounds like a currency from a far-off land in a Tolkien novel.

Washington Billions

Let’s face it, the fate of billions of dollars is in the hands of those in Washington, D.C.

Washington Bribes

Ever wonder how meagerly-paid politicians become wealthy and seemingly nothing gets done in Congress? This name pays homage to that.

Washington Kickbacks

Once again, paying homage to the lobbyists that don’t have the interest of the people at heart.

Washington Investments

All sports teams are investments. Buy the team for $6 billion now, sell them for $10 billion down the road.

Washington Wealth

The area around Washington, D.C. has the second-most millionaires per capita after New York City. This name works, and it uses alliteration.

The Blue Origin Rocket Launching Company Sponsored American Football Team

Bezos owns his own space company. Why not give the football team a catchy name playing off of it. The logo could be really cool. Just don’t make it too close to the Toledo Rockets.

DC Prime

This is my personal favorite.

When the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals in 2005, they wore hats in Spring Training that had the letters DC. I thought it looked much cooler than the “W” currently used by the team that looks strangely similar to the “W” used by Walgreens.

I always thought DC was a good alternative to Washington. When the Washington Football Team was seeking a permanent name, I thought DC should be in contention.

Using Prime along with it works in Bezos’ famous Amazon service and programming arm.

Using a Google search, the only DC Prime I could find is a steak house.

DC Dollars

Maybe you didn’t like Prime but liked DC. Let’s go with alliteration and our theme of cash in the nation’s Capitol.


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