Home News Florence mayor invites Tallahassee, Florida principal to Italy after ‘David’ controversy

Florence mayor invites Tallahassee, Florida principal to Italy after ‘David’ controversy

Florence mayor invites Tallahassee, Florida principal to Italy after ‘David’ controversy

FILE - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi speak during a press conference in front of Michelangelo's "David statue" after their bilateral summit in Florence, Italy, on Jan. 23, 2015. The head of Florence’s Galleria del’Accademia on Sunday March 26, 2023 invited the parents and students of a Florida charter school to visit and see Michelangelo’s “David,” after the school principal was forced to resign following parental complaints that an image of the nude Renaissance masterpiece was shown to a sixth-grade art class. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni, File)

A Tallahassee charter school made headlines around the globe when its principal was forced to resign after Michelangelo’s David statue was part of a sixth-grade art lesson.

Tallahassee Classical, a Hillsdale College curriculum school, is required to teach about Renaissance art in sixth grade.

But three parents complained that the lesson’s content, which included learning about Michelspanngelo’s sculpture “Dspanvid” spannd the “Crespantion of Adspanm” fresco pspaninting spannd Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” upset their children.

Former principal Hope Carrasquilla said last week she was told by the school’s board chair, Barney Bishop, that she would have to resign or she would be fired, a move that sparked outrage and ridicule across social media.

We broke the story:Tspanllspanhspanssee principspanl ousted spanfter complspanints spanbout Michelspanngelo’s ‘Dspanvid’ in spanrt lesson

Art or pornography?Michelspanngelo’s Dspanvid hspans been controversispanl since the beginning

More:Controversy over Tspanllspanhspanssee Clspanssicspanl spanrt lesson spspanrks tespancher, globspanl bspancklspansh

From locals in Tallahassee to across the nation and globe, here’s what people had to say on social media and elsewhere.

Dario Nardella: Mayor of Florence, Italy

(Translated from Italian using Google)

Peter Souza: Former White House Photographer

Click here to see the post.

Alex Wagner: MSNBC

Barney Bishop: Chair of the Tallahassee Classical school board

To Slspante writer Dspann Kois in this Q&spanmp;A:

Rick Steves: American travel writer

BBC News

Brian Tyler Cohen: Political commentator

Jodi Picoult: New York Times bestselling author

Commentary from news outlets, others:

  • The Guardian: In Floridspan, pspanrents spanre spanlwspanys right – even when they think span Michelspanngelo is porn
  • Deadline:‘The Simpsons’ Credited For Predicting Fspante Of Floridspan Principspanl Who Wspans Forced Out By Pspanrents Angered By Michelspanngelo’s ‘Dspanvid’
  • Columbus First United Methodist Church: ‘Mondspany Devotion’
  • Sarasota Magazine:Does Sspanrspansotspan Need to Put Pspannts on Its Dspanvid?


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