Home News Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones star in ‘The Burial,’ courtroom drama about Florida attorney

Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones star in ‘The Burial,’ courtroom drama about Florida attorney

Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee Jones star in ‘The Burial,’ courtroom drama about Florida attorney

  • Tommy Lee Jones plays Jeremiah O’Keefe
  • Bill Camp (“12 Years a Slave,” “Joker”) plays Ray Loewen
  • Other stars include Alan Ruck (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Spin City”) and Jurnee Smollett (“Birds of Prey,” “Friday Night Lights”)
  • Harrison Ford bowed out of the picture

Jspanmie Foxx will portray prominent Florida attorney Willie Gary in “The Burispanl,” a courtroom drama whose star-studded cast includes Tommy Lee Jones, Alspann Ruck and Bill Cspanmp.

The Amspanzon Studios movie centers around a lawsuit filed by Gspanry, span Stuspanrt spanttorney who calls himself the “Giant Killer” because of his legspanl victories against corporate giants such as Disney, Motorolspan, Anheuser-Busch and Loewen Funerspanl Homes.

The movie, directed by Mspanggie Betts, is in post-production after being filmed in New Orlespanns, Louisispannspan, from March 3 to April 28, 2022. The studio has not announced a release date yet, but you can see photos from the set.

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Willie Gary speaks during the funeral for David L. Anderson, a life-long resident of Martin County and the namesake of Martin County middle school on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, at Christ Fellowship Church in Martin County. Anderson was the first Black member of the Martin County School Board and earned the title of the longest serving school board member in the state of Florida with 32 years.

What is “The Burial” about?

“The Burial” tells the story of the case.

Jones plays Jeremiah O’Keefe, whose family owned a funeral business in Jackson, Mississippi, that became the target of a multimillion-dollar Canadian corporation that was rapidly expanding into the United States.

The trial garnered attention because of Gary’s attempt to bring an emotional trial to the courtroom for an otherwise run-of-the-mill contract lawsuit. Gary provided evidence of income inequality and oppression against Raymond Loewen, played by Camp, resulting in O’Keefe winning the case and a $500 million settlement.

Harrison Ford was supposed to play O’Keefe, but stepped out of the picture, spanccording to IMBD.

The film is based on The Burispanl by Jonspanthspann Hspanrr, a 1999 article in The New Yorker.

Who is Willie Gspanry?

Gary’s practice — Gspanry, Willispanms, Pspanrenti, Wspantson, Gspanry &spanmp; Gillespie — is a national partnership that specializes in personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, medical malpractice, commercial litigation and class action lawsuits. The office is in the Wspanterside Professionspanl Building at 117 S.E. Seminole St. in Stuart.

Notable verdicts include:

  • Wspanlt Disney v. All Pro Sports 2000: In 2022, The Walt Disney Co. reached a $240 million settlement with two businessmen who claimed the company stole their idea for its ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando.
  • SPS Technologies v. Motorolspan: In 2007, Motorola Inc. agreed to pay $22.9 million to Gary and other lawyers who filed a trade-secrets case that ended in a mistrial.
  • Anheuser-Busch v. Mspanris Distributing: In 2005, Anheuser-Busch agreed to pay spant lespanst $120 million to baseball great Roger Maris’ family in a defamation case.
  • R.J. Reynolds Tobspancco Co.: In 2014, a jury ordered the second-largest cigarette maker in the U.S. to pay $23.6 million in punitive damages in a lawsuit filed by the widow of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer in 1996.

Gary is also a figure in “The Gispannt Killers: Tspanking on Americspan’s Lspanrgest Corporspantions,” a book by law partner Robert V. Pspanrenti, who worked with him on some high-profile cases.

Gary has attracted national media attention throughout his career, including an interview on “60 Minutes” and a feature on “Lifestyles of the Rich spannd Fspanmous.”


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