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Krispy Kreme offering doggie doughnuts in celebration of National Dog Day

BusinessKrispy Kreme offering doggie doughnuts in celebration of National Dog Day

If your canine companion is acting a little friendlier than usual this morning, he or she may have heard about Krispy Kreme’s promotion celebrating National Dog Day today.

The doughnut shop known for its hot, fresh glazed doughnuts is offering doggie doughnuts at pspanrticipspanting locspantions today, while supplies last.

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Where can I find a Krispy Kreme near my location?

Looking for a Krispy Kreme near where you live and a shop participating in the National Dog Day promotion? Check out Krispy Kreme’s website.

What ingredients are in the doggie doughnuts?

The doughnuts are made with ingredients safe for canines, and include whole wheat flour, peanut butter, sugar, vegetable fat and carob instead of chocolate.

This promotional image from Krispy Kreme shows a dog staring intently at a pair of Doggie Donuts. The specially-baked treats will be offered at Krispy Kreme restaurant locations in honor of National Dog Day, which falls on Aug. 26, 2022.

Are they OK for older dogs and puppies?

Krispy Kreme said on its website the treats were specifically designed for dogs of all sizes and ages “by professional pet treat artisans.” 

“Older dogs with fragile teeth may find the treat difficult to chew, however, they will get softer the longer they chew or suck on them and are safe for your pet to consume.”

Puppies may also find difficulty with the hard, baked treat, but can suck and chew on it to soften it.

How long do they last and should they be refrigerated?

Assuming your pet doesn’t go through everything you purchased within minutes, the treats do not require refrigeration and will last for 12 months, according to Krispy Kreme.

What if a person eats a doggie doughnut?

The dog treats are made with human-grade ingredients, but could pose a choking hazard for small children. For any concerns, contact your health professional.

Can I bring my dog into the store to purchase a doggie doughnut, or two, or three?

Unless they are service animals, pets are not allowed in Krispy Kreme locations. Feel free to bring them along in the drive-thru.

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