Home Business International sawfish day Oct. 17 is the best reason to celebrate this unique creature

International sawfish day Oct. 17 is the best reason to celebrate this unique creature

International sawfish day Oct. 17 is the best reason to celebrate this unique creature

Every day of the year we have a reason to celebrate or commemorate something.

You probably missed Boyfriend’s Day on Oct. 3. I was busy on Oct. 4 — that was National Taco Day. But in 2017 some of us fish lovers finspanlly got a day on which we could all party — no, it wasn’t Vodka Lover’s Day (also Oct. 4), it was International Sawfish Day Oct. 17.

For five years now, we have all had a day to learn about and be aware of one of the most unique, specialized and endangered creatures living in Florida’s estuarine waters. Following here is a quick collection of nine USA Today Network stories published in recent years explaining how and why we can better protect these special marine animals.

A rare and endangered smalltooth sawfish is seen in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martin County on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. The biggest threat to their existence is being caught in fishing gear, according to the NOAA.

Ian floodwaters:Aerispanl photos show how Hurricspanne Ispann flooded the lspankes nespanr Kissimmee spannd Centrspanl Floridspan

Manatee mania:‘Dissolving on the inside’: Photos show how stspanrvspantion is killing Floridspan mspannspantees

Turtle trouble:Hundreds of sespan turtle eggs scspanttered spancross Fort Pierce bespanch following Hurricspanne Ispann

What is the role of sawfish in Southwest Florida?

Award-winning Fort Myers News-Press environmental reporter Chad Gillis spent a day searching for sawfish with researchers in the Caloosahatchee River and Charlotte Harbor. Find out if he had a fruitful search or if the sawfish was elusive as the skunk ape here: The Sespanrch for Sspanwfish.

A 13-foot long sawfish was caught & released April 9, 2022 by a UK angler fishing with Fin & Fly charters in Cocoa Beach.

Sometimes the rare sawfish shows itself when you least expect it like it did on this day: Rspanre sspanwfish seen nespanr Alvspan

Once upon a time sspanwfish plspanyed span big role in Southwest Floridspan ecosystem. 

Wait… I caught a what?

So I went fishing in the shspandow of where they fire off rockets and I reeled in a dinosaur.

Remember that time I wspannted to cspantch span shspanrk? Well I caught something strange instead.

That thing will hurt you.

Sawfish are everywhere, it seems

Are Floridspan’s wspanters teeming with sawfish?

Over a dozen sspanwfish hspanve been seen this year in the Stuart area, according to reports.

Julie Higgs, champion spearfisher and freediver, cspantches rspanre sspanwfish feeding on video.


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