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Jensen’s Colbert, South Fork’s Boyer lead area runners at state cross country

SportsJensen's Colbert, South Fork's Boyer lead area runners at state cross country

Jensen Beach senior Nicholas Colbert took seventh in the boys 3A race to lead the Treasure Coast locals at the FHSAA Cross Country Stspante Chspanmpionships at Apalachee Regional Park in Tallahassee.

Colbert ran 16:10.9 to complete his standout season that included five race victories and seven top three finishes in total.

Jensen Beach's Nicholas Colbert competes in the cross country state championships at Apalachee Regional Park on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022. Colbert took seventh in the boys 2A race.

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Jensen Beach senior Justin Cannata, who was expected to contend for a spot in the top 15 on the podium in 2A, suffered an ankle injury warming up before the race and soldiered on to finish 232nd.

The Falcon boys finished in 31st as a team in large part due to Cannata’s injury hurting Jensen Beach’s team score.

South Fork junior Addison Boyer took eighth place in the 3A girls race, running a time of 18:43.1.

South Fork junior Addison Boyer competes in the cross country state championships at Apalachee Regional Park on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022. Boyer took eighth place in the girls 3A race.

Bulldog freshman Emerson Brinn was 24th, running a time of 19:29.1.

South Fork as a team finished in 14th place.

Sebastian River junior Caleb Wilkinson took 22nd in the boys 3A race, running a personal best time of 16:33.1 that was nearly ten seconds off his time at the district race.

Vero Beach’s Kenan Willard took 36th in the boys 4A race with a time of 16:34.4.

South Fork senior Carter Vigneri was 38th with a time of 17:02.2

Sebastian River’s boys took 13th and South Fork was 16th in the 3A team standings.

Lincoln Park Academy sophomore Jacey Lane took 12th in the girls 2A race, running a time of 18:43.3 that dropped her personal best time from regionals over 11 seconds.

St. Edward’s junior Carrington Brown led the locals in the girls 1A race, finishing in 43rd running a time of 20:08.2 that surpassed her personal best time set at regionals by 22 seconds.

Pine School junior Amelie Galbraith was 63rd with a time of 20:49.3 and John Carroll Catholic senior Grace Reed took 65th with a time of 20:51.7.

Florida high school athletes from Classes 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A compete in the cross country state championships at Apalachee Regional Park on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022.

St. Edward’s finished 21st as a team, followed by John Carroll Catholic in 24th and Pine School in 28th.

FHSAA Cross Country Championships results

VB Boys: 36. Kenan Willard 16:34.4, 59. Sage Morrow 17:00.4, 82. Evan Dunham 17:21.5, 180. Luke Crumbacker 18:44.8, 188. Marcus Campione 18:56.3, 194. Phineas Weatherly 19:05.3, 207. Samir Mehta 19:33.8; 21. Vero Beach 508 

VB Girls: 72. Ava Baysura 20:52.8, 88. Anna Cobb 21:14.0, 112. Jordan Staar 21:33.5, 130. Lilliana Elliott 21:54.6, 180. Gracie Fleming 23:04.1, 188. Laken Hoffman 23:19.8, 22. Vero 

SF Girls : 8. Addison Boyer 18:43.1, 24. Emerson Brinn 19:29.1, 80. Abby Mclaughlin 20:39.3, 136. Eva Atencio 22:00.1, 178. Alleigh Podbeusek 23:06.0, 185. Sawyer Spatara 23:24.7, 190. Ashley Stocker 23:30.0

SR Boys: 22. Caleb Wilkinson 16:33.1, 58. Colton Russano 17:13.6, 61. Noah McMann 17:20.9, 100. Colin McAdams 17:52.9, 154. Alexander Perez 18:46.5, 169. Ethan Paiement 19:02.0, 193. Connor McAdams 19:35.8

SF Girls: 38. Carter Vigneri 17:02.2, 85. Richie Paluszek 17:39.6, 103. Maxum Kornilov 17:53.5, 108. Parker Layman 17:57.3, 179. Blake Patch 19:12.7, 182. Nick Capone 19:20.1, 207. Jacoby Jadusingh 20:11.1

JB Boys: 7. Nicholas Colbert 16:10.9, 155. Albert Colasanti 18:42.3, 197. Maxville Rousseau 19:35.8, 201. Maxwell Gozdz 19:47.1, 227. Brooks Seidman 21:15.2, 230. Nick Askeland 22:19.9, 232. Justin Cannata 24:25.9

Jensen Beach senior Justin Cannata competes in the cross country state championships at Apalachee Regional Park on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022.

SE Girls: 43. Carrington Brown 20:08.2, 124. Luna Rivera 22:24.0, 132. Jaquelyn Perrin 22:36.9, 145. Anna Marie Zugrave 22:51.0, 151. Sophie Rosenstein 23:07.7, 211. Tyler Colgan, 25:17.4, 227. Dhanika Perez 26:47.2 

JC Girls: 65. Grace Reed 20:51.7, 96. Seleny Martinez 21:47.2, 119. Alexis Moore 22:19.3, 148. Riley Butterfield 23:01.4, 191. Juliana Fulmer 24:03.3, 210. Jahkya Miller 25:16.3, 233. Ra’Mya Bacon 27:25.0           

PS Girls: 63. Amelie Galbraith 20:49.3, 110. Fripp Stringfellow 22:05.4, 194. Elizabeth Bassion 24:06.8, 200. Hana MacMillan 24:21.9, 214. Mia Vein 25:49.8, 218. Payton DeGeorge 26:10.6, 222. Jillian Cherveny 26:18.8

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