Home Sports Listen Now! High school football playoffs have arrived; here’s what to know around the state

Listen Now! High school football playoffs have arrived; here’s what to know around the state

Listen Now! High school football playoffs have arrived; here’s what to know around the state

It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready to kick off the high school football season.

Believe it or not, that was roughly 12 weeks ago.

The regular season has come and gone, and that means the playoffs start this week.

Have you been keeping up with the FHSAA’s new classification system that began this season?

It split schools up into three divisions: Metro, Suburban and Rural classifications.

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Wellington quarterback Ryan Anthony slips away from Palm Beach Central's Kerlson Jean during their game Friday in Wellington. The Welly Cup game pits Anthony against Central's quarterback Ahmad Haston.

Metro and Suburban were determined by the population density of each county in the state. Metro consists of the eight most densely populated counties while Suburban consists of the remaining 59 counties.

It was meant to make it so Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville don’t hog all the state titles.

Both Metro and Suburban divisions are made up for four classes — 1 through 4.

Rural has just one.

So, if you’re in 4M, for instance, you’re in the highest classification of Metro schools. Your school is between roughly 2,300 and 4,800 students.

If you’re in 4S, you’re in the highest classification of Suburban schools. Your school is between roughly 1,900 and 3,200 students.

You can find all the breakdowns here at FHSAA.com.

So, who has the best chance to win state titles this year? And who are some of the top players that will be moving on to the next level?

To answer those questions and more, Jon Santucci joins “The *State* of Florida Sports Podcast,” powered by the USA TODAY Network.

Jon, the USA TODAY Florida Sports Network Recruiting reporter, has been traveling the state all season checking out the best teams and players the state has to offer.

He’ll share what he thinks about the state’s new system of splitting teams up by population density.

“I liked it from the jump,” Santucci says during the podcast. “At the very least, it’s worth the two years, you know? Does this work, does it not work cycle? So far, I like what I see.”

Jon will also touch on recruiting — both from the player side and for the state’s universities.

If you want the lowdown on every high school football related, then check us out this week.

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