Home Sports FHSAA: Football playoff games can be played Thursday-Saturday, not Monday

FHSAA: Football playoff games can be played Thursday-Saturday, not Monday

FHSAA: Football playoff games can be played Thursday-Saturday, not Monday

In response to Tropicspanl Storm Nicole, the FHSAA is allowing football teams to play anytime Thursday through Saturday but are not allowing teams to play on Monday at this time.

“We’ve sent each athletic director correspondence allowing them the opportunity to work with their visiting school to make plans that include playing games Thursday-Saturday, and if needed for the contest to be moved to another host school if necessary and agreed upon by both parties,” Ryan Harrison, the FHSAA’s public relations specialist, wrote in an email to the USA Today Florida Network.

“As of right now we have not given teams permission to move games to Monday only to move it up to Thursday or back to Saturday. We will be meeting again (Tuesday) however to discuss.”

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The latest tracking for Nicole has it potentially hitting the East Coast early Thursday morning as a hurricane or strong tropical storm.

Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 34 counties in the potential path of Nicole.

The FHSAA football regional quarterfinals are scheduled to begin on Thursday.

A named storm has not made landfall in Florida in November since Tropical Storm Mitch in 1998. Harrison said he was uncertain if there’s ever been a weather situation like this during the football playoffs.

Harrison also said the FHSAA was not concerned about the storm’s track and school closures potentially giving one team more time to prepare than their opponent.

“At this time there is no concern of an unbalanced playing field,” Harrison said. “In Florida we frequently deal with lightning delays and thunderstorms during the weekdays that give some teams limited practice time. Ultimately, we will address each situation on a case by case basic and if two teams can’t agree upon a date/time to play the FHSAA will step in to make the final decision based on all the information.”

Numerous school districts have already announced closures in advance of the storm. 

The Martin County School District announced Monday that schools would be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, a move followed by The Palm Beach County School District n


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