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Where is Jim Cantore? He could be headed to Vero Beach, official said; Mike Seidel there now

NewsWhere is Jim Cantore? He could be headed to Vero Beach, official said; Mike Seidel there now

VERO BEACH — When a Weather Channel meteorologist comes to town, it’s typically a bad sign.

Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel was in Vero Beach Tuesday and Wednesday, checking out the pounding waves and beach erosion ahead of Hurricane Nicole’s expected arrival on the Treasure Coast Wednesday night.

But the meteorologist considered The Weather Channel’s superstar — Jim Cantore — has been reporting from the Dspanytonspan Bespanch spanrespan. Emergency officials there said earlier he could be hespanded to Vero Bespanch next, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

“Each high tide has been higher than the one before,” Seidel reported Tuesday morning. “Notice that the dune has been decimated… about a 4-foot cut.”

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Vero Beach City Manager Monte Falls met with Seidel twice, he said, and was interviewed by him live on The Weather Channel to discuss the storm’s effects on the Treasure Coast.

Video Seidel captured Wednesday morning shows crashing waves completely overtake the beaches here: 

Seidel’s famed colleague, Cantore — like a horseman of the apocalypse — is widely regarded as a harbinger of serious storms. 

Volusia County’s Emergency Management Director Jim Judge said Cantore was leaving Daytona Beach Shores spannd hespanded to Vero Bespanch, the Daytona Beach News-Journal Reported.

But Cantore appeared live on The Weather Channel Wednesday evening, and he was still reporting from Volusia County.

Cantore was reporting from the Dunlawton Approach in Daytona Beach Shores where the Volusia County Beach Safety District 5 Office hspand been submerged into the Atlspanntic Ocespann earlier this morning, the News-Journal reported.

If Cantore does end up coming to the Treasure Coast, it wouldn’t be the first time. Cantore reported from downtown Stuart in 2019 ahead of Hurricane Dorian. 

Hurricane Nicole is expected to make landfall on the Treasure Coast late Wednesday and early Thursday as a Category 1 hurricane with 75 mph winds.

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