Home Sports Parking lot shooting halts high school football playoff game in Orlando

Parking lot shooting halts high school football playoff game in Orlando

Parking lot shooting halts high school football playoff game in Orlando

ORLANDO — High school football players fell to the field and fled to the locker room after a parking lot shooting brought a halt to the Jones and Wekiva playoff game on Saturday night. 

Emergency responders were seen providing chest compressions and breathing assistance to one individual in the aftermath of the shooting. Another individual received medical attention to his leg. 

Emergency personnel provide medical assistance to an individual in the aftermath of a shooting in the parking lot at a high school football game between Wekiva and Jones in Orlando on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022.

People fled the parking lot behind the north end zone of the football field at Jones High School after two sets of gunshots rang out late in the fourth quarter. 

At the time of the shooting, play was concentrated on the south end of the field. Wekiva players immediately fled to the locker room while Jones players and coaches took cover on the ground on the sideline. 

The Region 1-3M quarterfinal matchup was called with 1:40 left in the fourth quarter and Jones leading Wekiva 29-13.

“It wasn’t Jones kids,” Jones head coach Elijah Williams said. “It was a neighborhood thing that spilled over to the parking lot. We had a minute left in the game. It was real senseless. I hope the young men are OK.

“At that point, we just wanted to keep both teams safe. We laid on the ground, hid in the back over there. It’s just very unfortunate and takes away from a hard-fought competition between Orange County schools that deserved and did everything they could to get here. 

“Instead of glorifying our efforts of coming to this game and making it this far, we’re talking about some unfortunate circumstances brought by some bad decisions.” 

Jones High School football players and coaches hide on the field after a shooting during the Tigers' playoff game against Wekiva on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022 in Orlando.

Jones High School is located less than a mile from Camping World Stadium, which was hosting the second night of the Electric Daisy Carnival festival on Saturday. 

We were just playing the game and then obviously we heard shots lit off but was thought it was fireworks,” Wekiva head coach Jeremiah Rodriguez-Schwartz said. “Once we realized it was gunshots we just all ran to safety. 

“All our guys are accounted for. Everyone is safe. It shows you sometimes life is bigger than football.” 


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