Home News St. Lucie County updates flooding: 1 home reports water inside as ‘whole county got lucky’

St. Lucie County updates flooding: 1 home reports water inside as ‘whole county got lucky’

St. Lucie County updates flooding: 1 home reports water inside as ‘whole county got lucky’

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Although flood waters from Hurricane Nicole rose to some residents’ doorsteps, county officials said most homes made it through the storm with no water on the inside.

As of Monday, the hurricane did no major damage to homes or infrastructure, said Erick Gill, a spokesperson for St. Lucie County.

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After initial reports from the county during the storm indicated 15 homes in St. Lucie Village were flooded, county officials days later updated that count to one home in that neighborhood had water inside.

While the hurricane ripped apart docks and submerged neighborhood streets, county building officials found much of the reported flooding did not damage the inside of homes, Gill said.

St. Lucie Village became flooded by high tides and storm surge from Hurricane Nicole Wednesday night, Nov. 9, 2022, and Thursday morning, Nov. 10, submerging the roads and yards of the historic neighborhood north of Fort Pierce, in St. Lucie County.

The home reported with flooding inside had “slight water intrusion,” Gill said.

Gill said he has not received any reports of flooding to the inside of homes in Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie. The one home reported with the slight water intrusion was the only home reported in the unincorporated county.

“The whole county got lucky,” Gill said. “You look at some of the images from Daytona Beach, if this thing shifted further south it would’ve been a different story. We would still be cleaning up today.”

The greatest impacts from the hurricane in St. Lucie County are likely to be beach erosion and sand erosion, Gill said.

Walton Rocks Beach is still closed, he said, and the county is set to discuss the state of the beaches with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he said.

Despite, the hurricane’s limited damage, Gill said people should remain vigilant and take safety precautions no matter the category of the storm.

“We appreciate folks that took the time to put up shutters,” Gill said.


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