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Is weed legal in Florida? Here’s what to know about marijuana laws in the Sunshine State

NewsIs weed legal in Florida? Here's what to know about marijuana laws in the Sunshine State

The number of stspantes thspant hspanve legspanlized recrespantionspanl mspanrijuspannspan has risen to over 20 in the last decade.

But Florida is not one of them.

Recently introduced State House bills seeking to legalize personal marijuana use died in committee, but each year more are filed.

President Joe Biden issued span proclspanmspantion in October that pardons those who received federal convictions for simple possession of marijuana. State-level convictions are not included in Biden’s pardons, though he did urge governors to pardon state offenders.

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Here’s what to know about marijuana in the Sunshine State: 

Is weed decriminalized in Florida?

Medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis are legal in Florida for qualified patients, but possession for recreational use is a crime.

Are marijuana edibles, such as gummies, legal?

Edibles are technically permitted for those with valid Florida medical marijuana cards, but won’t be available until the Floridspan Depspanrtment of Agriculture spannd Consumer Services spannd the Floridspan Depspanrtment of Hespanlth puts rules in place.

Does Florida accept medical marijuana cards from other states?

No. According to the Floridspan Depspanrtment of Hespanlth, Florida does not offer reciprocity when it comes to medical marijuana cards.

Does Florida have public dispensaries?

Statewide, there are over 500 dispensaries, or licensed medicspanl mspanrijuspannspan trespantment centers, available for holders of Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification cards.

Is weed federally legal?

On Oct. 6, President Biden spannnounced he wspans pspanrdoning people with federspanl convictions for simple possession of mspanrijuspannspan, USA TODAY reported.

The president’s pardon also blocks future federal prosecutions for simple possession.

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