Home Sports High school sports scores for the week of Jan. 23-28 across the Treasure Coast

High school sports scores for the week of Jan. 23-28 across the Treasure Coast

High school sports scores for the week of Jan. 23-28 across the Treasure Coast

Tuesday’s scores

Girls Basketball

Fort Pierce Central 34, Sebastian River 31: Harmoni Randolph scored 12 points and added five rebounds and three assists to lead the Cobras (8-12) to their third win in a row. Aquanis West added 11 points, seven rebounds and three steals for Fort Pierce Central.

Samiya Adams and Shyauna Shelly each scored nine points for the Sharks (7-7).

Wednesday’s scores

Girls Weightlifting

District 13-3A

Vero Beach won their seventh straight girls weightlifting district championship, dominating both the traditional lifts and Olympic lifts Wednesday in Vero Beach.

Six different Vero lifters earned the top spots in both lifts for the tournament. Karma French (110 pounds), Karen Martinez (119 pounds), Enyjai Tyson (169 pounds), Mollie McCain (183 pounds), Erin Kleinschmidt (199 pounds) and Arianna Keyes (unlimited) led the way for Vero Beach.

Helaina Thompson (101 pounds) and Jayden Short (139 pounds) were the top lifters in the Olympic lifts and Carol Martinez (139 pounds) was the top lifter in the traditional lifts for Vero Beach.

Treasure Coast finished as the team runner-up in both lifts and were led by Emmalee Abbott and Aliciana McCloyne who were the top lifters in both lifts at 129 pounds and 154 pounds respectively.

Centennial’s Kendall Lopez was the top lifters at 101 pounds in the traditional lifts for the Eagles.

All qualifying lifters will head to the Region 4-3A meet at Olympic Heights High School on Feb. 4.

Olympic lifts team scores

Vero Beach 105, Treasure Coast 46, Centennial 31, Martin County 20, Fort Pierce Central 15

Olympic lifts (snatch-clean-and-jerk)

101: Helaina Thompson (VB) 85-115-200; Cayle Bihl (VB) 85-110-195; 110: Karma French (VB) 125-150-275, Sydney Thompson (VB) 100-135-235; 119: Karen Martinez (VB) 120-140-260, Carlie Kovaleski (VB) 105-135-240; 129: Emmalee Abbott (TC) 95-150-245, Ava Sesack (VB) 110-130-240; 139: Jayden Short (VB) 125-160-285, Carol Martinez (VB) 120-165-285; 154: Aliciana McCloyne (TC) 110-175-285, Ella Ripple (VB) 100-155-255; 169: Enyjai Tyson (VB) 140-190-330, Jada Mosley (VB) 125-170-295; 183: Mollie McCain (VB) 120-150-270, Salome Joseph (C) 90-130-220; 199: Erin Kleinschmidt (VB) 110-140-250, Jedia Felix (TC) 100-125-225; Unlimited: Arianna Keyes (VB) 165-205-370, Makayla Williams (C) 120-150-270

Traditional lifts team scores

Vero Beach 98, Treasure Coast 49, Centennial 32, Martin County 24, Fort Pierce Central 14

Traditional lifts (clean-and-jerk, bench press)

101: Kendall Lopez (C) 110-115-225, Cayle Bihl (VB) 110-110-220; 110: Karma French (VB) 150-130-280, Sydney Thompson (VB) 135-115-250; 119: Karen Martinez (VB) 140-130-270, Carlie Kovaleski (VB) 140-125-265; 129: Emmalee Abbott (TC) 150-110-260, Ava Sesack (VB) 130-130-260; 139: Carol Martinez 165-145-310, Madison Montgomery (MC) 155-135-290; 154: Aliciana McCloyne (TC) 175-140-315, Ella Ripple (VB) 155-145-300; 169: Enyjai Tyson (VB) 190-200-390, Jada Mosley (VB) 170-135-315; 183: Mollie McCain (VB) 150-135-285, Salome Joseph (C) 130-125-255; 199: Erin Kleinschmidt (VB) 140-140-280, Jedia Felix (TC) 125-125-250; Unlimited: Arianna Keyes (VB) 205-215-420, Makayla Williams (C) 150-160-310

District 15-2A

Sebastian River swept both the traditional and Olympic lifts at the District 15-2A girls weightlifting championships at South Fork on Wednesday.

South Fork sophmore Paisley Bergen competes in the clean and jerk weightlifting competition during the girls District 15-2A championship, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023, at South Fork High School in Martin County.

Vanessa Hernandez (119 pounds) and Mariah Franklin (169 pounds) were the top lifters for both lifts, Janielle Kahn (183 pounds) and Amonty Johnson (unlimited) were the top lifters in the traditional lifts and Alicia Neumann (139 pounds) and Daviona Wall (199 pounds) were the top lifters in the Olympic lifts to lead the way for the Sharks.

Port St. Lucie’s Rebecca Guison (101 pounds), Jensen Beach’s Olivia Gilliard (129 pounds) and South Fork’s Marlee Dougherty (154 pounds) swept titles in both lifts.

Jensen Beach senior Sophia Gannascoli had the top overall performance of any lifter as she totaled 335 pounds in the clean-and-jerk and the bench press that was the highest total out of any lifter in the traditional lifts.

Traditional lifts team scores

Sebastian River 61, Jensen Beach 48, South Fork 40, Okeechobee 38, Port St. Lucie 24

Traditional lifts (clean-and-jerk and bench press totals)

101: Rebecca Guison (PSL) 140, Iliana Hurtado (SR) 120; 110: Paisley Bergen (SF) 270, Carolina O’Hara (JB) 215; 119: Vanessa Hernandez (SR) 270, Bliss Weiler (SF) 265; 129: Olivia Gilliard (JB) 250, Jamie Paulson (SF) 230; 139: Sophia Gannascoli (JB) 335, Alicia Neumann (SR) 245; 154: Marlee Dougherty (SF) 260, Isabella Lowe (SR) 240; 169: Mariah Franklin (SR) 280, Molly Santiago (JB) 275; 183: Janielle Kahn (SR) 255, Jasell Rueda (O) 235; 199: Mallory Collier (O) 290, Heidi Samuel (JB) 270; Unlimited: Amonty Johnson (SR) 325, Lauren Maggard (O) 295

Olympic lifts team scores

Sebastian River 78, Port St. Lucie 43, Jensen Beach 26, Okeechobee 24, South Fork 12

Olympic lifts (snatch and clean-and-jerk totals)

101: Rebecca Guison (PSL) 130, Iliana Hurtado (SR) 110; 110: Carolina O’Hara (JB) 195, Gracelynn Mero (PSL) 165; 119: Vanessa Hernandez (SR) 240, Bliss Weiler (SF) 235; 129: Olivia Gilliard (JB) 195, Angelina Radke (SR) 190; 139: Alicia Neumann (SR) 215, Joclyn Macias (PSL) 180; 154: Marlee Dougherty (SF) 230, Charlize Narcisse (SR) 210; 169: Mariah Franklin (SR) 255, Ugne Koveraite (JB) 210; 183: Riley Tucker (O) 215, Janielle Kahn (SR) 195; 199: Daviona Wall (SR) 230, Candice Nathaniel (SR) 210; Unlimited: Shayna Rafter (PSL) 245, Joniah Holson (SR) 225

District 15-1A

John Carroll Catholic’s girls weightlifting teams swept both the traditional and Olympic lifts at Wednesday’s District 15-1A meet hosted by Pine Crest High School.

Thalia Tibert (101 pounds), Emma Dooley (139 pounds) and Mikale Lemons (154 pounds) won individual titles in both lifts for the Rams.

Noeka Pinchinat (169 pounds) and Ariadne Rodriguez (183 pounds) were the top lifters in their classes in the traditional lifts and Jessie Pfeffier (119 pounds) and Isabella Ramirez (unlimited) were top lifters in the Olympic lifts in their weight classes.

Girls Soccer

District quarterfinals

District 10-7A

(3) Treasure Coast 9, (6) Fort Pierce Central 1: Lupita Vargas and Victoria Valles each scored two goals to send the Titans (8-4-1) to the semifinals. Deanna Romero, Kaylee Driscoll, Rebecca Barros, Natalya Paula and Yessenia Gonzalez all got on the scoresheet, Romero and Driscoll each picked up two assists and Kayleigh Marreel made three saves in goal for Treasure Coast, who takes on second-seeded Vero Beach on Jan. 30.

(4) Palm Beach Gardens 3, (5) Centennial 2

District 7-6A

(4) Sebastian River 3, (5) Heritage 0: The Sharks (6-6-3) advanced to the semifinals to take on top seed Viera on Jan. 27.

District 13-5A

(4) Port St. Lucie 3, (5) Okeechobee 0: The Jaguars (10-6) advanced to the semifinals, where they will take on top seed Merritt Island on Jan. 27.

District 13-4A

(4) Jensen Beach 2, (5) Dreyfoos School of Arts 0: Kate Frawley and Ariell Rivas netted goals to send the Falcons (6-9) to the semifinals. Carmella Leach and Emma Butcher picked up assists and Mia Moulton made four saves to keep a clean sheet in goal for Jensen Beach.

District 11-3A

(5) Lincoln Park Academy 2, (4) Oxbridge Academy 1: The Greyhounds (11-4) advanced to the semifinals, where they will take on top seed Benjamin on Jan. 27.

(3) Cardinal Newman 8, (6) Somerset College Prep 0

District 8-2A

(5) St. Edward’s 1, (4) John Carroll Catholic 0: Natalee Rogers scored the game-winning goal in overtime off an assist from Caroline Langsam to send the Pirates (4-9-1) to the semifinals. Meagan Baker made two saves to keep a clean sheet for St. Edward’s, who will take on top seed Jupiter Christian on Jan. 27.

Girls Basketball

St. Edward’s 30, John Carroll Catholic 22: Aiala Arbulo scored a game-high 15 points to lead the Pirates (12-7) to victory.

Gabby Funderlich led the Rams (9-6) with six points in the loss.

Thursday’s scores

Boys Soccer

District quarterfinals

District 10-7A

(3) Vero Beach 3, (6) Fort Pierce Central 0

(4) Treasure Coast 2, (5) Palm Beach Gardens 0

District 8-6A

(4) South Fork 1, (5) Atlantic 0

(3) Seminole Ridge 3, (6) Martin County 0

District 7-6A

(5) St. Cloud 2, (4) Sebastian River 1

District 13-5A

(3) Okeechobee 2, (6) Port St. Lucie 1

District 13-4A semifinal

(1) Jensen Beach 1, (4) North Broward Prep 0: Jack James scored the lone goal of the match and Michael Hinson made two saves to hold a clean sheet in goal to send the Falcons (7-3-1) to the championship game, where they will take on third seed American Heritage on Jan. 31 at 5 p.m. at Somerset Academy-Canyons.

District 11-3A

(5) King’s Academy 1, (4) Lincoln Park Academy 0

(3) Oxbridge Academy 5, (6) Somerset College Prep 0

District 8-2A

(2) St. Edward’s 8, (7) Merritt Island Christian 0: Patricio Argote and Matthew Vatland had matching hat tricks to send the Pirates (15-2-1) to the semifinals. Brogan Buck added a goal and four assists, Brandon Cochrane scored for St. Edward’s, who got eight saves and a clean sheet in goal from Alex Lee. The Pirates take on third seed Master’s Academy on Jan. 28 at 1:30 p.m.

(3) Master’s Academy 4, (6) John Carroll Catholic 0

Girls Soccer

District 8-6A quarterfinal

(3) Martin County 9, (6) Atlantic 0: Kacey O’Donnell tallied a hat trick and added two assists to lead the Tigers (10-2-1) to the semifinals. Kaylin Lingis scored two goals and added an assist, Mia Calderon also scored two goals, Chapin Hotchkiss and Frida Lopez also got on the scoresheet, Tiana Trahan and Megan Murphy each had two assists and Briana DiCarlo made two saves in goal for Martin County, who takes on second seed Dwyer on Jan. 30.

Boys Basketball

Martin County 55, Vero Beach 44: Derrick Davey scored 20 points and Sincere Cannon added 12 points in the loss for Vero.

Girls Basketball

Sebastian River 54, Melbourne 29: Daphne Gibson went for a double-double scoring 15 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in the win for the Sharks (8-7). Catherine Holderman scored nine points and Bella Bowen added eight points and 12 rebounds for Sebastian River.

Friday’s scores

Boys Basketball

Centennial 65, Fort Pierce Central 56: Led by 22 points from senior Jaydon Washington, Centennial used a fourth quarter surge to put a halt to Fort Pierce Central’s 13-game win streak Friday night.

In the second battle between District 7-7A foes this season with the Eagles defeating the Cobras 58-53 back on Dec. 6, Fort Pierce Central entered as the area’s hottest team with their last loss coming on Dec. 10 to Charlotte.

In the final seconds of the third quarter, the Cobras held a 44-36 lead but Joseph Lezeau II converted a 3-point play with 1.1 seconds left that made it 44-39 going into the fourth quarter.

The two teams went back and forth most of the final eight minutes with the foul line a deciding factor.

Going into the fourth quarter, team fouls were in favor with Fort Pierce Central 9-2 but Centennial got aggressive to flip the tables and made up most of their ground at the charity stripe.

Washington, who exited the game early in the quarter after an awkward fall on his right shoulder, came back and knocked down his fourth 3-pointer of the game to give the Eagles (18-5) a 54-51 lead with 3:50 to go.

A tip-in from Zachary Brown and two free throws from Lezeau shortly after pushed Centennial’s lead to 58-53 but Josh Williams canned a 3-pointer for the Cobras to make it a two-point game with 1:45 remaining.

Washington hit a pair of free throws with 31.4 seconds left to make it 60-56 and a Fort Pierce Central turnover on their next possession ended any hopes of a Cobra comeback.

Centennial made eight 3-pointers for the game, went 21-for-23 from the free throw line that included going 17-21 in the fourth quarter and got 14 points from Lezeau and 12 from Ty Owens.

Williams led the Cobras (19-5) with 19 points, including five of Fort Pierce Central’s 3-pointers and got 11 points apiece from Derrick King and Christian Maxon.


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