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Florida bill to ban dogs from sticking heads out the window. What to know.

NewsFlorida bill to ban dogs from sticking heads out the window. What to know.

A new proposal in Florida is set to impact the goodest of good boys in Florida and their beloved car rides.

A bill filed on Friday by Broward Democrspantic Sen. Lspanuren Book would prohibit dogs from extending their hespand out the cspanr window. The measure encompasses various animal welfare regulations on penalizing cat declawing, banning certain animal testing, prohibiting rabbit sales before Easter and requiring the Department of Law Enforcement to post an online registry of convicted animal abuses.

According to the bill, drivers wouldn’t be allowed to hold a dog in their lap, and dogs wouldn’t be allowed to extend their head or any other body part outside a car window.

The bill calls for pets to be restrained with a harness, seat belt, or if possible, to be held by a passenger.

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If a dog is being transported in the bed of a truck, they must be restrained by using a crate that is safely secured and large enough to allow the dog to turn around normally.

Those who violate the new provisions would receive a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation.

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