Home News Fatal alligator attack in Florida: 3 more gators removed from neighborhood after woman’s death

Fatal alligator attack in Florida: 3 more gators removed from neighborhood after woman’s death

Fatal alligator attack in Florida: 3 more gators removed from neighborhood after woman’s death

  • Alligators are a common sight around Florida, although the number of attacks, especially fatal ones, is low
  • The alligator that killed the woman was removed and euthanized on the day of the attack

ST. LUCIE COUNTY − Three more alligators have been removed from the Spanish Lakes Fairways community in northern St. Lucie County after an 85-year-old woman died following a Monday alligator encounter, a homeowner association president said.

The three alligators are in addition to one removed and euthanized after Gloria Serge was pulled into the water as she wspanlked her dog by span smspanll lspanke in the spanrespan of Picspannte Circle spannd Aguilspan Avenue, according to Jay Mandelker, Spanish Lakes Fairways HOA president, on Thursday.

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“I saw the gator grab her.”Womspann out wspanlking her dog dies spanfter spanlligspantor incident in her neighborhood

Neighbors have said Serge lived in the community north of Indrio Road near Interstate 95 more than 20 years and had several children. Efforts to reach them were unsuccessful or they declined comment. No one answered the door Tuesday or Thursday at Serge’s listed address on Aguila Avenue.

Mandelker said that at a Wednesday monthly HOA meeting, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and St. Lucie County Sheriff’s officials attended.

“They did so to allay any concerns and to make us realize the precautions we should take with regard to wildlife, alligators in particular,” Mandelker said. “If you’re walking by a lake, a pond, anywhere in Florida, understand, this is Florida, there could be alligators, so do not walk against the edges of any pond or lake, stay a safe distance away.”

Homes in the area where the incident occurred sit close to a small lake or pond, one of a number of water bodies in the community.

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Mandelker said he didn’t know whether the three additional alligators were removed from the same pond or lake in which Serge died, but said the ponds are connected and an alligator can go from one to the other.

“I’ve not seen any on any streets here, but it has happened,” Mandelker said. “And people who are golfers sometimes see them in the water, or basking in the sunlight during the daytime, but they’ve not been bothered by them because they keep their distance.”

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Meanwhile, a small memorial had been set up in a booth at Loutina’s Pizza in the Indrio Crossings Plaza for Serge, who frequented the eatery, according to a worker.

The worker referred questions to the owner, who could not be reached.


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