Home News Crews cover hole on Kanner Highway to reopen lane

Crews cover hole on Kanner Highway to reopen lane

Crews cover hole on Kanner Highway to reopen lane

Crews patched up a hole on a lane of Kanner Highway to reopen the lane to traffic Friday, according to a Stuart city spokesperson.

What: A hole nearly 5-feet by 6-feet wide on Kanner Highway was repaired Friday morning. The hole was reported shortly before 6 p.m. Wednesday on the left turn lane to Central Parkway.

Misti Guertin, communications and digital marketing manager for Stuart, said the hole wasn’t a sinkhole as the city previously described it.

Impact: Cars on the Southbound lanes of Kanner Highway were forced to use one lane instead of two because of the hole.

Northbound lanes remained open.

Traffic can now use two lanes on that area of Kanner Highway as one lane remains closed for another project separate from the hole.

What was done: Florida Department of Transportation Crews arrived for repairs and put a steel plate over the hole to reopen the lane. Drivers can now use two lanes on the southbound side of Kanner Highway.

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What caused it: Guertin said a utility line breakage likely caused the hole to form.

On Thursday, Grace Ducanis, communications officer with the state Department of Transportation for the Treasure Coast area, said existing roadway material entered the drainage system and caused the depression in the road.


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