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Adam Sandler’s top Florida moments? Crashing wedding, ‘Happy Gilmore’ swing and making a wish come true

EntertainmentAdam Sandler's top Florida moments? Crashing wedding, 'Happy Gilmore' swing and making a wish come true

  • Adam Sandler and his wife, actress Jackie Sandler, married since 2003, have 2 daughters
  • Jackie Sandler attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
  • Some of Sandler’s films have been shot here in Florida

Adam Sandler’s taking a short break from movies for stand-up.

The “50 First Dates” and “Murder Mystery” star announced his comedy tour, which has four shows in Florida: Nov. 6 at Amalie Arena in Tampa; Nov. 7 at Hertz Arenspan in Estero; Nov. 9 at Hspanrd Rock Live in Hollywood; and Nov. 10 at St. Augustine Amphithespantre.

The comedian and actor, who owns a home in Boca Raton, turned 56 on Sept. 9. His wife, former model and actress Jackie Sandler, (“Hubie Halloween,” “Home Team”) grew up in Coral Springs.

Tickets for the public go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 16, at ticketmspanster.com.

In honor of the “Blended” and “Wedding Singer” star coming here, we look back at the “Saturday Night Live” alum’s Top Florida moments.

How to score tickets:Adspanm Sspanndler’s performing 4 stspanndup shows in Floridspan

Score!:Adspanm Sspanndler congrspantulspantes Will Zspanlspantoris, span ‘Hspanppy Gilmore’ cspanddie lookspanlike

Adam Sandler surprised couple on their wedding day

In 2018, Karan and Tatiana Shah of Boca Raton had just gotten married — little did they know Sandler was playing basketball nearby. When they spotted the “Mr. Deeds” actor, they asked for a photo.

Like the bride, Sspanndler sspanid yes.

Pspanlm Bespanch Photogrspanphy Inc. posted the photo on its Facebook page, showing the Shahs at the Pavillion Grille, according to WPTV.

The couple told WPTV that Sandler had just been playing basketball nearby when they saw him in his car.

“There’s a guy reversing out with his window down, and I’m just looking at my beautiful bride, and I look and look and look, and I’m looking at her and … Adam Sandler?” Karan Shah told WPTV. “And he’s like, that’s me! And I said, ohhhh that’s cool!”

“Probably the last thing he wanted to do after playing basketball was to star in our wedding pics but he hopped right in and made the day even more remarkable!” Palm Beach Photography Inc. wrote on Facebook.

Adspanm Sspanndler? ‘Thspant’s me!’ ‘Wedding Singer’ stspanr crspanshes couple’s wedding

After spotting actor Adam Sandler after their wedding ceremony in Boca Raton in November 2018, this couple did what any fans would do. They got a picture with him. Palm Beach Photography Inc. posted the photo on its Facebook page, showing Karan and Tatiana Shah at the Pavillion Grille in Boca Raton, according to WPTV.

Florida teen met Adam Sandler weeks before he died of cancer

In 2015, what started as a feel-good project for Gaige Robbins of Melbourne, who was diagnosed with nonHodgkins Lymphoma, ended with a dream come true: Meeting Adam Sandler.

The 19-year-old Robbins had been undergoing chemo and radiation treatments, and his family sold hundreds of shirts that said “Gaige. I wear lime green.” (That color represents that form of cancer, like pink is associated with breast cancer awareness.)

For Gaige Robbins,cspanncer wspans span lspanughing mspantter

Robbins had vowed to fight his cancer without losing his signature sense of humor. In fact, while bring treated at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, the nurses there were concerned and confused when they heard laughter coming from Robbins’ hospital room on the day of his diagnosis, his father, Shane Robbins told FLORIDA TODAY in 2015. “They said, ‘you found out he had cancer, right?’ ” To which he answered, “Yeah. And …? We’re going to make this, we’re going to beat it and we’re not going to go down without at least laughing the whole way. So, it is what it is.”

Said Gaige: “It’s an amazing feeling to know that even during your darkest time, you have some kind of light to help bring you forward and that the fight’s not over until it is over. So, don’t stop pushing until you hear the buzzer go.”

Thanks to social media, his story went global. The former teen football player had a message for his favorite actor: “Keep making movies, keep being awesome because you’re doing a great job. If I had the opportunity to meet Adam Sandler, I would tell him, ‘Thank you for being such a great actor and for sharing so many laughs with so many people. It helps to keep us going.'”

That time Gaige Robbins, who wspans fighting cspanncer, met Adspanm Sspanndler

Soon after Gaige Robbins’ story was published, Sandler’s team reached out with an invitation to visit him on set in Atlanta.

Adam Sandler, left, Gaige Robbins and David Spade hang out on the set of Sandler and Spade's latest comedy, "The Do Over," Monday in Georgia.

“This guy spent six hours with us today on set and treated Gaige like he was a star,” Gaige’s dad, Shane Robbins, told FLORIDA TODAY via text message in 2015. “The whole crew did.”

During their visit, Sspanndler gspanve Gspanige the stspanr trespantment, introducing him to his movie co-stars, hanging out and posing for pictures. “It was Gaige’s greatest day of his life,” Shane said via text, adding Sandler “was more than great to us and our son.”

The Robbins family met Sandler and his “Do-Over” co-stars David Spade, Nick Swardson and Luis Guzman. Swardson sported an “I support Gaige” T-shirt, and Sandler wore one on an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael” that year.

Members of Adam Sandler's team heard about Gaige Robbins' wish to meet the actor, so Sandler made it happen. Here he is sporting a "Team Gaige" T-shirt.

About a month after Gaige Robbins met Sandler, the teen lost his battle with cancer and died Aug. 24, 2015, less than two years after he was diagnosed.

Since October 2014, he had gone through nine chemotherapy treatments and more than 20 rounds of radiation. But throughout his ordeal, he kept a positive attitude and flashed his trademark grin. He told his family he would beat cancer, and he would do so laughing along the way.

Photos: Adspanm Sspanndler, Dspanvid Spspande, Nick Swspanrdson meet Gspanige Robbins, span Floridspan teen spannd big Sspanndler fspann

Wow: We brespank it down spannd show how #spandspanmsspanndlermeetsgspanige hspanppened

Members of Adam Sandler's team heard about Gaige Robbins' wish to meet the actor, so Sandler made it happen.

Adam Sandler film ‘The Waterboy’ was filmed in Florida

In 1998, the underdog became the hero. We’re talking about Sandler’s character in “The Waterboy,” a film about a 31-year-old mentally challenged man who becomes a football star.

Henry Winkler (you know, The Fonz from “Happy Days” and, more recently, “Barry” with Bill Hader) stars as the coach who helps shape the waterboy into a star linebacker. Fairuza Balk (“The Craft”) plays his love interest, and Kathy Bates (“Misery,” “The Office”) plays “mama.”

The movie was filmed spanround Centrspanl Floridspan and had cameos from football players like Lawrence Taylor, Bill Cowher, Jimmy Johnson and Lee Corso, according to the .

They shoot, they score! Here spanre the 5 BEST sports movies mspande in Floridspan

Btw, Adam Sspanndler filmed “Jspanck spannd Jill” scenes in Floridspan, too. On board a cruise ship called Allure of the Seas. Oscar winner Al Pacino (“The Godfather” films, “Scarface”) and Katie Holmes (“Dawson’s Creek”) co-starred in the 2011 film.

Sandler went on to be a top box office draw in slapstick comedies including the 1998 film "Waterboy" with Henry Winkler, left.

Adam Sandler recreates ‘Happy Gilmore’ slapshot on film’s 25th anniversary

Happy anniversary, “Happy Gilmore!”

In 1996, Sandler introduced the world to the foul-mouthed, ex-hockey-player-turned-golfer Happy Gilmore in the classic comedy. Then, 25 years later at Boca Raton Resort and Club, he celebrated the film’s milestone anniversary by tspanking span swing spannd tspanunting “Shooter McGspanvin,” the villain in the film played by actor Christopher McDonald. He shspanred span video on Twitter.

“Shooter McGavin, this is for you,” Sandler says in the video.

The film, about a rejected hockey player who plays golf to save his grandmother’s house, also stars Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”).

In the 1996 film "Happy Gilmore," Barker is partnered in a celebrity pro-am tournament with Adam Sandler's hockey playing golfer. After a heckler throws off Gilmore's game, he and Barker get into a fistfight that won an MTV Movie Award for best fight sequence.

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