Home News MCSO: Deputy fired after conduct, policy violations during unwanted advances toward women

MCSO: Deputy fired after conduct, policy violations during unwanted advances toward women

MCSO: Deputy fired after conduct, policy violations during unwanted advances toward women

MARTIN COUNTY − A sheriff’s deputy was fired in January after investigators found he made unwanted advances and inappropriate comments toward women, according to recently obtained records.

Former Deputy Dikingson Juste violated 12 Sheriff’s Office policies in 2022 while interacting with three women, including a mother and daughter, records show.

Those violations include conduct unbecoming an officer, violations of courtesy and respect with the public, and using offensive language and vulgarity.

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Sheriff’s investigators began looking into Juste’s conduct in August 2022 after a woman reported he made a traffic stop using a patrol vehicle on Northeast Prima Vista Boulevard in Port St. Lucie and asked her to park her car next to his.

The woman told investigators Juste talked to her from his driver’s seat, told her she was very beautiful and asked if she wanted to “hang out” as he was off-duty. She said the encounter made her very uncomfortable.

“She continued by saying she would be far less trusting of future law enforcement encounters and she was afraid of being pulled over again,” according to the records.

Juste’s encounter was described as “flirtatious in nature and lacked any legitimate law enforcement action,” according to the records.

Investigators learned of another encounter with Juste reported by a woman in Indiantown in October 2022, whom he met in front of her workplace in May during a traffic stop of someone she knows, records show.

She told investigators he returned to her workplace the next day and asked to speak with her, which she thought was about the traffic stop.

Juste told her she “she looked good” and asked for her Snapchat social media account, which she shared. She said she realized he was married after giving him her Snapchat name.

As Juste asked her to hang out with him, which she took to mean wanting to hook up, she brought up that he was married, according to the records, and that she wasn’t interested. She said he made comments about her private parts.

The conversation ended when a customer in the business interrupted them and brought the deputy to the front of the store.

The woman said she felt uncomfortable and was scared he would be waiting for her after work, records show.

On the same day, she left work to pick up her daughter from another business in Indiantown.

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She spoke with her daughter about Juste and her daughter remembered she had an interaction with the deputy, in which he acted in a similar matter.

The daughter told investigators Juste had stopped by the business where she worked in November 2021.

She said he told her she was “pretty and had pretty eyes,” according to the records.

Juste spoke with the daughter at the business and asked for her Snapchat account. The daughter was not a minor at the time this occurred, records show.

When she went home in the evening, Juste started messaging her on Snapchat, records show.

Juste asked for “a sexy pic,” according to the records.

The daughter described Juste as “very straightforward” and “nasty,” records show.

Sheriff William Snyder said his office is one of the hardest to be hired at and deputies are held to high standards.

“I’m always extremely disappointed when we have somebody who does something like this after all we went through to make sure they’re the right person for the job,” Snyder said. “I take it very personal because these are deputies and they represent me and my name is on all of them.”

Snyder said Juste’s firing does not strip him of his law enforcement certification and the former deputy will have to plead his case to the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, which is part of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Information about an attorney for Juste was unavailable.


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